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909 Liquid Paint Wax

  • Premium Liquid Water Based Carnauba Shine Finish Paint Wax

    Premium Liquid Water Based Carnauba Shine Finish Paint Wax

    Producing a deep, longlasting gloss,No dusty formula ,Easy-to-use wax applies and comes off quickly,Protects with premium, natural carnauba wax,Body shop safe
    Product Description Producing a deep, longlasting gloss No dusty formula Easy-to-use wax applies and comes off quickly Protects with premium, natural carnauba wax Bodyshop safe Key Benefits, special features Versatile: high-glossfinish and wax in a single product Application: by hand and DIY using Standard process: Wax and Sealant General Information Technical Information Product Group: Wax & Sealant Colour: Pink BodyShop: Safe Density: 0.9-1 kg/l Lifetime: 3 Years Odor : Cherry Storage: 15-25℃, avoid frost and direct sunlight Physicalstate: Milky liquid Use with Soft FoamApplicator Pad MicrofiberTowel Recommended Usage 1. Wash and dry vehicle thoroughly before using 909. 2. Before applying Shake well. 3. Apply 909 to surface with a wax applicator pad. Let product dry to a haze. 4. Polish off with a clean,soft cloth. Entire vehicle may be treated before wiping off. 5. For best results, apply on a coolsurface and out of directsunlight.

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